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Are Microcontrollers Obsolete?

11.15.2012 · Posted in Eng. Computação, Eng. Eletrônica

I’ve once again been questioning whether what I am doing (designing a home automation controller based on a 16-bit microcontroller) is really a good idea. A month and a half ago I posted an article about microcontrollers versus a system on chip design. Now, if you can believe it, I am wondering about the same topic ...

A world-class education at your fingertips

11.04.2012 · Posted in Art. Diversos

Academic Earth aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to earn a world-class education by offering free online classes and online learning tools. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or take classes that interest you, Academic Earth can connect you to the world’s top universities and scholars. Click below to learn how: http://www.academicearth.org/   ...

Build your own FPGA

11.02.2012 · Posted in Eng. Eletrônica

Passatempo para quem gosta de eletrônica: construir um FPGA utilizando apenas componentes discretos, da linha 7400.  A célula do FPAG contém apenas 12 componentes discretos. Ler o artigo em: http://blog.notdot.net/2012/10/Build-your-own-FPGA ...