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Buffer Overflow Attack Explained

07.01.2013 · Posted in Eng. Computação

“Buffer overflow attacks have been there for a long time. It still exists today partly because of programmers carelessness while writing a code. The reason I said ‘partly’ because sometimes a well written code can be exploited with buffer overflow attacks, as it also depends upon the dedication and intelligence level of the attacker.”

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Convention on Cybercrime

06.28.2013 · Posted in Direito Penal, Direito Virtual

The Convention and its Explanatory Report have been adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe at its 109th Session (8 November 2001) and the Convention has been opened for signature in Budapest, on 23 November 2001, on the issue of the International Conference on Cyber-crime.

The text of this explanatory report does not constitute an instrument providing an authoritative interpretation of the Convention, although it might be of such a nature as to facilitate the application of the provisions contained therein.

The Principle of Technological Neutrality

06.26.2013 · Posted in Direito Civil, Direito Penal, Direito Virtual

“The so-called principle of technological neutrality has been resorted to before the World Trade Organization by a number of Western countries, in particular the United States, as a means of preventing China from carrying out specific regulatory initiatives for its territorial Internet”.

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Direito ao Esquecimento na Internet

06.25.2013 · Posted in Direito Geral, Direito Penal, Direito Virtual

Para refletir sobre a tese do Direito ao Esquecimento.

“As pessoas têm o direito de serem esquecidas pela opinião pública e até pela imprensa”?

“Os atos que praticaram no passado distante podem ecoar para sempre, como se fossem punições eternas”?


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